Wednesday December 4th 2019: IQ Al Rassooli LIVE + Trump Nixes NATO presser

Trump nixes NATO presser after Euro-trash leaders mock him on a hot microphone.

  • Cancellation means he wasn’t on TV during Wednesday morning’s must-watch impeachment hearings, being held by the House Judiciary Committee 
  • Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were caught gossiping while Princess Anne stands with them
  • Nobody mentions Trump by name, but they appear to be referencing an impromptu press conference he gave
  • Boris asks ‘Is that why you were late?’ and Trudeau replies: ‘Because he takes a 40 minute press conference’
  • Trump called Trudeau ‘two-faced’ and said the Canadian leader was mad because he demanded Ottawa fulfill its funding obligations to NATO 

Ironic how NATO bites the hand that literally feeds them.

Meanwhile the outrageous lies of Adam Schiff and his false-narrative impeachment fakery has been revealed for all to see plainly. A fantasy document labeled as  as a “report” from the House Intelligence Committee reads like a bad spy novel, complete with a Boris Badinoff bad-guy(Trump) and a whole lot of false claims about what he did and didn’t say and do. The ridiculousness of this document is so completely laughable that any lawmaker that votes for articles of impeachment will permanently be stained as gullible, naive and thoroughly stupid cretins.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has another “coughing spell” while visiting the Howard Stern show. She also tried to dispel the rumors that she is a lesbian, stating for the record that she “likes men”. Is this really the kind of person that sounds like she intends to run in 2020? HELL NO!

Snowflake Democrat impeachment “witness” claims Trump “ruined her Thanksgiving”. This is the kind of rhetoric that passes as cause for impeachment? This is a bad soap opera that’s about to get cancelled.

Plus James O’Keefe hints of a new Project Veritas bombshell which shows people working inside a political campaign discussing massive wealth confiscation by force.

And much more with our guest, IQ Al Rassooli.

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