Wednesday February 17th 2021: Remembering Rush- The master of the craft.

The news came like a gut-shot in an old western movie.

Rush Limbaugh, the tireless warrior for the under-represented silent majority has lost his battle with Lung Cancer.

As much as this hurts, it also presents our generation with a new challenge: how to counter-act the corrupt, globalist-controlled mainstream mass-media. Rush was the master of the craft. He could drive these people insane with his common-sense style. He could fillet these people with factys, and they hated him for it!

Now, it is time for the next generation to step up. ANd for those of us who stepped into this fray and have never gotten out of it, we must carry on, and we must become much more cohesive as a group of patriots and champions for the Constitution, freedom, liberty and moral uprightness.

Rush, we miss you already, and you will always be in our hearts as we fight for justice, truth and the founding principles of American freedom.