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Wednesday February 19th 2020: Guest IQ Al Rassooli + Old Farts Club!

Democrats cannot get out of each other’s way, disarray and desperation causes confusiuon, allows Bloomberg to barge his way into debate, given special waivers to the “rules” of who gets on debate stage.

If YOU have billions of dollars in the bank, apparently the “rules” do not apply to you. That appears to be the message the DNC is sending to candidates running for the 2020 democrat nomination for President.

In spite of failing to meet requirements about donors to his campaign, and failing to place respectably in the first caucuses/primaries, Bloomberg has been grented the privelege of participating in the next debate.

Also on the docket today, in the U.K., doctors are now being told that if they do not like your politics, they don’t have to treat you. Imagine the way democrats will try to do likewise in the United States if they ever regain power?

Trump commutes sentence of Rod Blagoyevich:


Trump ‘a problem solver in a business where too many politicians don’t want to solve problems,’ says former Illinois gov

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