Wednesday: IQ Al Rassooli talks 2020, Trump, and ridiculous, stupid Liberals

Desperate frightened Dems pin hopes on swine Hillary for 2020.

It’s not enough that she lost to President Trump in 2016 fair and square. It’s not enough that she abused her position as Secretary of State and sent classified information on a private email server, and then deleted/destroyed 30,000 emails subpoenaed by the House. It’s not enough that she funded the Steele Dossier, then used that discredited document to get Obama to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. It isn’t enough that she cheated, and stole the primary race from Bernie Sanders, stealing the nomination in 2016.

The hapless democrats are so deluded they think she can win in 2020. They refuse to acknowledge the one fact that follows Hillary everywhere she goes: People HATE that b1tch!!!

And Americans are not clamoring for Hillary in 2020, Not even a murmur among the people. She is the most fundamentally flawed candidate since Barry Soetoro. Desperation drives these leftists to panic, and they are driven by an insane ideology. They would rather burn down the establishments of our government than admit defeat.

If Hillary runs, she had better learn how to do it in orange jumpsuit with leg-irons.

Indictments are forthcoming after Attorney General Barr and Inspector-General Michael Horowitz deliver their findings on the origins of the fake Russia Collusion investigation.

The Fertilizer is about to hit the fan, likely near Thanksgiving. America will be shocked, angered and ready to see justice delivered for the Obama-era co-conspirators who illegally initiated the spying, investigations, and their lapdog media was a key part of their conspiracy.

The truth will come out very soon. Arrests, indictments, and endless hearings, a political bloodbath will ensue, and will ensnare the likes of Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and many others will be exposed for the lying, devious pigs they are.

Expect turmoil to spill into the streets.

And expect the ridiculous mainstream media to start their next round of activism and open defiance of the truth, the President, and his agenda.

Americans will long remember this fight, and Americans will have to choose a side in this information war.

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