Wednesday January 16th 2019 IQ Al Rassooli and the WAR on FAKE News!

Welcome to your Wednesday! We’ve got IQ Al Rassooli all set to go, and our war on FAKE NEWS will continue as long as the globalists and mega-corporations fail to tell the truth, and instead use their positions to attack the American People by attacking the People’s President!

And please pardon our mess as we are in the midst of a minor major studio renovation. It’s an ongoing process to keep the studio and the broadcast on the cutting edge. What better way to do that but to revisit the OLD SCHOOL methods?

What, you may ask, is cutting edge? It’s taking old, used gear, and breathing new life into it. The tube amplifier in the studio is ridiculously clean and sounds better than anything on the market. The Pacific Recorders BMX III console you see in THIS shot:

is at least 34 years old, but it is one of the best consoles for broadcast ever made! and when I acquired it, it just needed some TLC. Soon it will be the central component of the operation. And it is really really COOL!(and as big as a Buick!

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