Wednesday July 11th: Democrats have lost themselves in Trump Derangement

It’s official! Democrats have lost themselves in Trump Derangement Syndrome. They have been consmed by their blind rage and hatred for the President. and IT IS THE MOST HONEST THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN about what drives their politics in 50 years.

The Democrats are, to be clear, scum. They have no real morals. They support the murder of babies in the womb. They support radical gun control. They are against traditional family values. and yet, if you ask them why they take those stands, they cannot give you any rationale.

They support murdering babies in the womb why? Because, they claim, it is a woman’s right to choose. To choose what? Murder? The dismemberment of an innocent child? When people hear what abortyionists do to the unwanted baby in the womb, they immediately cringe and run away. If you have ever seen what these people do to the baby in the womb, it repulses them and they run away. And they can not explain why they insist this is a “right” for women. It is, to be sure, the greatest evil in our time.

Democrats support banning certain weapons, yet they cannot defend this position when pressed on it, because the statistics and information refutes their position. The factys about guns demolish their arguments. Criminals who commit crimes with guns are not the boogieman the democrats would have you believe them to be.

Most gun crimes in merica are committed by 1- Blacks. 2- Gang members. 3- Latinos. 4- Illegal Aliens.

Of all the mass-shootings in the past 20 years, none were carried out by republicans. None were carried out by NRA members. All of the mass-shooters shared one of two of traits. 1- They were democrats, or 2- They were Muslims.

Those are the facts. So naturally, because Democrats cannot use facts to make their arguments, they lean on the one thing they have in abundance: Hatred. The entire message from Democrats is not “here’s our solutions to the serious problems America faces”. Instead, they rely on hatred of President Trump. Again, this position does NOTHING for them because President Trump, in spite of their efforts to obstruct and undermine him, is doing a GREAT job restoring our economy and building America’s core strength.

SO they attack personally. But the voting public isn’t listening to foul-mouthed celebrities like Bob Deniro. They are looking at the employment records being re-written by Trump. They are seeing the GDP jump to levels the democrats said were not possible,.

And the results of Trump’s policies have made America more stable, more prosperous, and more hopeful; for the future.

The Democrats lack of understanding of what drives voters to go to the polls and cast their ballots has left them standing on the side of the road, unable to find their way to any desirable destination. They have lost all direction, because they never had any direction to begin with.

The Obama illusion has forever been exposed as trickery, smoke and mirrors. As we observe the bizarre, irrational behavior of democrats(all of them), one cannot help but be convinced that divine intervention delivered America from the evil of Hillary Clinton and the self-destruct Democrats in 2016.

And as we approach the November mid-term election, Americans will cast ballots rebuking the ridiculous and unacceptable behavior of the Democrats, and endorsing the Trump policy of AMERICA FIRST.

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