Wednesday July 17th 2019 IQ Al Rassooli and a “stroke” of genius

Today, LIVE on The JJ McCartney Show: IQ Al Rassooli and a “stroke” of genius!

We’ll be live today with our regular guest, IQ Al Rassooli, as we discuss the latest goings-on in the world, including a marked up-tick in earthquakes all around the world! Plus the militant left are oblivious to the *FACTS* regarding the economy, the b0rder, the state of our national security or any other issue or topic in the news cycle.

These people are willfully stupid, deserving of no recognition, because they have never done anything meaningful or serving humankind!

As I explained repeatedly the past couple days, I, JJ McCartney suffered a debilitating stroke last week. As a result, everything on the right works perfectly. But everything on the left is all effed up. Nothing on the left works as it should. My limp left leg can only rely on the RIGHT side to carry it through the crisis. The left arm is weakened and cannot effectively type, lift, or remain steady.

So there is an object lesson to my condition. If only people could learn from it.

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