Wednesday July 21st 2021: JJ McCartney is BACK in the Saddle!!

JJ McCartney is back LIVE today after a much needed break. Yesterday JJ had a date with the tooth doctor, who relieved JJ of a quite bothersome tooth. Feeling much better now, JJ is ready to embark on the radio journey refueled and ready for a great recap of what we may have missed this past few days.

We’ll talk about the difference between a tragic accident and a premeditated terror attack, and how difficultit can be to tell the good guys from the bad guiys in these modern times.

We’ll crank up the phones, and we’ll talk a bit about the craft of talk radio, and the futuire of broadcast radio according to the globalist-controlled megacorporations.

And listen closely tpoday, as we have employed a different microphone. See if YOU can hear the difference!

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