Wednesday June 13th 2018 Mueller’s BS + IQ l Rassooli is BACK

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Media speculation that former Trump Lawyer Michael COhen is ready to “flip” on Trump is plastered front and center on Drudge. More Manafort insinuations as well. The time has long since past for Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller. And for Rod Rosenstein to be sent packing onc3e and for all as well.

Mueller and his squad of partisan hacks belong on skid row. Why is this ridiculous travesty of justice allowed to go on ad-infinitum? Americans need to rise up and squash this ridiculous witch-hunt once and for all. The President has done nothing wrong. He has been under constant assault by the media, and by the Deep State. It is high time We, the People started showing some of our muscle and put the left on notice: We are not going to sit idly by while the enemies of America try t steal our government.


It’s time for a rally and it’s time for a million PATRIOTS to march on the Justice Department and demand an end to this bullshit “investigation” that has turned up no evidence of any consequence. And it is time to put Robert Mueller on trial for wasting the the President’s time and our money on this investigation without a crime.

America, it is time to display the courage and the fortitude of our founding fathers. And in November, it is time to obliterate the Democrats, the party of slavery, the party of the abortionists, the party of LGBTQ indoctrination in your schools, and the party that protects sexual predators like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein.

It is also time to expose the evil way the left embraces the money and the mindset of a real Nazi, George Soros.

It’s time for Patriots to get pissed off enough to actually get engaged in the political process, and to step away from the comfort of the office or the golf course and take to the streets in unison. If you are not willing to do this, then don’t complain if the left gets away with high treason!!!

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