Wednesday June 16th 2021: Keeping cool with The JJ McCartney Show LIVE 3-5pm ET

OK, everybody just stay COOL!! Sounds like a simple task, don’t you think?

As America swelters, in Geneva, the whole nation suffered the embarrassment of a phony fake poser known as Joe-Mo trying to look like he belonged in the same room with Vladimir Putin. It was like comparing an old Yugo with a fully decked out HumVee.

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up and realizing that the entire illusion of the fake Biden “administration” is a fraud and a fake.

And the longer this travesty is pushed upon Americans, the more imminent a “correction” becomes.

Plus: Today we hear from Eric Clapton about how he has come to realize the phony pandemic is nothing but an attempt at mind-control of the weak-minded around the world!

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