Wednesday June 3rd 2020: revealing Soros-Obama plot to overthrow via elaborate FAKERY

It gives me very little pleasure to explain what we have seen the past eights days in urban America. But the facts can no longer be denied. The well-oiled globalist media machine has been primed to be the propaganda-arm of the Soros-Obama assault on America.

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The globalist plan? Divide and conquer. How we can take back our nation, and expose the anti-American enemies in our midst!

Today we will explain the strange nexus between George Floyd, the Minneapolis Police Officer who killed him, and a wide network of leftist/globalist operatives that are running point on this plot to spark a period of instability that undermines our civil society, our free elections, and ultimately takes aim at President Trump and those of us who support him.

An ambitious goal, to reveal all the facts, and to increase YOUR awareness of the evil that is in our midst today in America.

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