Wednesday June 9th 2021: Exposing the history of the criminal CDC, plus John B. Wells talks RedPill and Vivos

JJ McCartney has plenty to share with you today on The JJ McCartney Show!

We’ll expose the criminal history of the CDC, and specifically their ghistory of triggering widespread panic, rushing untested vaccine, and doing permanent harm to THOUSANDS in the process!

Plus John B. Wells shares details of the Red Pill Expo that he was Master of Ceremonies of last weekend, and exciting details about Vivos X-Point, and much more!

And JJ will cover all the latest news and commentary for this Wednesday as we keep a watchful eye on the administration of supreme incompetents in the District of Corruption!

And of course, the national embarrassment that is Kamala Harris, traveling now with her very own three-ring circus!

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