Wednesday, March 10th, 2021: Huff. Post lays off DOZENS of writers, seen as sign of MSM collapse!

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Well, imagne the heartbreak and gut-wrenching at the Huffington Post as they laid off 47 writers, including management, and they have completely shittered their Canadian operations.

Ironically, the left-leaning Huff-po lobbied for de-platforming conservatives throughout the mainstream and social media. But at the end of the day, their leftist bent is simply not viable in a free-market economy.

PLUS: A Stanford University doctor says the Covid lockdowns were the biggest public-health mistake EVER!

And how much longer before th Biden charade collapses in complete crisis? Even casual observers are concerned for the mental acuity and what seems to be complete breakdown of competency on the part of fake-president Joe Biden. It seems very clear that the plan on the part of the globalist-controlled left was to prop sleepy Joe up in the Oval Office just long enough for him to suffer some mysterious illness that would prompt the line of succession to be engaged via the 25th amendment.

Soon, people will come to understand that Joe was NEVER really in charge. He is a robotic extension of Barack Obama. and once they are done using him as the proxy, they will give him a medically induced send-off.

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