Wednesday March 11th 2020: IQ Al Rassooli – Biden stammers toward Nomination

Bumbling, stumbling Joe Biden gaffes his way toward nomination, as establishment Democrats once again undermine Sanders in key races.

Nobody ever accused Joe Biden of being a nuanced or skilled leader of his party, but that doesn’t matter to the Democratic establishment because they know that Biden is their string puppet. And they are gambling that they can overcome the man’s many flaws in November. But come on. It’s Joe Biden. He will stumble. He will grope unsuspecting young girls and tell voters they are full of SH*T. and the Media and the globalists will try to act like none of that matters.

Until Election night, when suddenly again they will feel shocked and crestfallen as the VOTERS re-elect President Trump.

Just like four years ago, the truly delusional Dems will pretend that there was every legitimate reason to vote for their nominee while the flaws and rational reasons to distrust their nominee will be the thing that tips the scale in favor of the unconventional but very effective Donald Trump.

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