Wednesday March 16th 2022: Lying media serves no useful purpose but propaganda outlet for globalist interests. Join us in rebelling!

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Einhorn is a MAN!!!!!!!

Just so every one can comprehend what these globalists and their oval office puppet have “managed to accomplish in little more than one year: Not only has war been declared on the oil industry in America, but we now are paying more than twice as much for gas, and we have breeched an agreement with Canadian companies to move their oil to market through the Keystone pipeline, and the fake administration has also tried to stop oil and gas leases on public lands. As a result, inflation is growing the most it has since the 2nd world war was won.

And now, our ally Saudi Arabia has begun negotiations with China to sell oil in non-petro-dollar currency.

This represents the single biggest threat to the solvency of the entire free world.

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