Wednesday March 21st: Activist judges are attempting to impeach President Trump via frivolous lawsuits.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as he exposes the multi-pronged attack of the Obama/Soros organization that is driving this constant legal resistance and the modern-day equivalent to a political lynching executed by activist judges, effectively trying to impeach President Trump via multiple frivolous lawsuits, which attempt to smear the president and occupy the office of the president fending off legal challenge after legal challenge, regardless of the fact that the burden of proof has been ignored by these activist judges.

Now, does this sound familiar to anybody? Please allow me to give you a bit of political history as a point of reference.

Remember 8 years ago, when the GOP succumbed to the pressure of the media, and allowed John McCain to win the nomination for President in 2008? Recall when McCain chose to draft Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate?

Now, recall how Palin was the actual hit of the GOP conventi9n? Recall how she was then viciously attacked by the mainstream media and by Hollywood? Recall how Palin was portrayed as a woefully stupid hick who was not ready to lead were she the person one heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Now fast-forward. The election was over, McCain lost. And Governor Palin returned to the governor’s mansion in Juneau.

The political left, not just from Alaska, but now from the left-wing al around the nation, encouraged the filing of many dozens of frivolous lawsuits, which the Governor could not afford to fight in the courts, as she was not an independently wealthy person. She had mad eyes some enemies(the corrupt political machinery in Alaska, the Murkowski family[the Corleones of the Last Frontier], and lawyers hired by the Dems started soliciting(fishing expedition), looking for anybody who might have a grievance(or an imagined grievance). And how they emerged from the woodwork, lining up to claim they were somehow aggrieved by Governors Palin.

Palin had fired many people who had either been ineffective or unethical in their positions in the state government. One was the head of the State Police. Others were cronies of former governors and they were replaced by Governor Palin’s appointees.

What ended up happening was, her political opponents tied up the Governor with constant legal wrangling, which was costing the state lots of money, and was robbing the governor’s time and also was taking a toll on Palin’s entire family.

Paid operatives went so far as Tom hire a photojournalist to move into the house adjacent to the Palin’s family’s home on Big Lake, just outside of Wasilla. The photojournalist had been hired to try to capture images and catch the Palin family’s intimate moments or candid moments.

Keep in mind the Palin’s had 5 kids at the time, including Trig, their newborn son who has Down’s Syndrome. This creep journalist was there for one reason and one reason alone: to dig up dirt, to make the Governor’s look bad, and to disrupt every aspect of their private lives.

Ultimately, Sarah Palin decided to resign the Governor’s mansion and enter the private sector, where book deals and TV opportunities awaited. The Palin’s needed money, as they has amassed legal bills as they had to hire attorneys to fend off the frivolous lawsuits, which all dried up and blew away once she was no longer the Governor.

Now you may more fully understand what the left is attempting to do to the upstart President Trump. Am disabled you might be surprised to learn that it ISN’T JUST the LEFT that isn’t doing this to President Trump. The GOP establishment has been fighting behind the scenes to try to underm8ne Trump since he won the nomination in 2016.

Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, the Bush family, and the most viscous of them all, the aforementioned John McCain have all tried to destroy Trump. After all, this I see THEIR Republican Party, and the last thing they wanted was a man who was uninvited crashing their party!

The ugly underbelly of American politics must be exposed for all to see now. The establishment protectors of the political status quo have loaded all their weapons, filled their quivers with poison-tipped darts, and have set political land-mines all around Washington. They have baited every trap, and the same people who argued that Bill Clinton’s sexual extracurricular activities were his private life, between he and Hillary, and were nobody’s business, are now trying to make President Trump’s private life front and center as the most outrageous things that’s their “virgin ears” have ever heard.

People, this is nothing but political Kabuki theater. The hypocritical left is trying to have it both ways. They ignore the Seth Rich murder, which was clearly a contract hit Tom prevent him ffrom OM exposing the corrupt and illegal activities he saw firsthand at the Clinton campaign, and so Hillary’s goon said put three bullets in his back.

these same democrats insisted that Benghazi was nothing but a political conspiracy theory, when the facts definitively show that Barack and Hillary Clinton wanted Ambassador Chris Stephens dead, because he had uncovered the illegal gun-smuggling operation in Libya which was funneling arms, ammunition and cash to Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. Not only did they murder Chris Stephens, Clinton and Obama created ISIS, funded them, and tried to relabel their savagery and their mass-murdering of nearly 1.5 Million Christians in Iraq and Syria, by labeling them as Syria’s freedom-fighting rebels.

But instead of exposing these ugly truths about the treasonous act she of Obama’s and Clinton, the lame-stream media I said all butt-hurt about where Donald(at the time a private citizen) Teump’s man-parts were a decade or more ago.

By his own admission, Trump was no choir-boy. But these things do not rise Tom the level to compromise Trump or Tom make him less qualified to lead in 2018.

And lastly, the American people are seeing right through these transparent attacks on President Trump. If the election we’re held tomorrow, Trump would win in a landslide. He hasn’t kept his promises, he has grown the economy like no other president has ever before.

The geurilla tactics of the political left are not playing well in middle-class America.

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