Wednesday May 19th 2021: Taking a breather: JJ’s day off!!

Folks, it doesn’t happen very often, but today is a day that JJ McCartney MUST take off! Don’t worry, nothing’s WRONG< it’s just that there are long overdue spring chores that must be taken care of today, and today presented the best opportunity to get them out of the way! So JJ gets fmiliar once agaonm with his John Deere lawn mower. It’s a yearly ritual, people. and at the end of this triumphant day, it’s JJ+John Deere 1, crazy overgrown lawn 0!!!

And no recount was necessary!

But never fear! We will be back Thursday with our scheduled guest, Reba Sherrill, who is a conservative Christian DYNAMO!

Reba Sherrill with REAL President Donald Trump!

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