Wednesday May 2nd 2018: IQ Al Rassooli, + Mueller’s Psychotic, Pathological Hatred for POTUS Trump

Mueller’s Psychotic, Pathological Hatred for Trump has been indulged long enough. It’s time for Mueller to be rem0ved, and sent to his own personal padded cell at Belleview. Robert Mueller has abused his position, and gone off the deep end. He has chosen to attack the President based not on fafys, not on evidence, but solely on his own rage and raw disdain for a man who has proven to be a very effective President for we, the people.

As has been pointed out by Rush Limbaugh and scores of others, Mueller is not investigating a crime. He is persecuting a man, based only on Mueller’s personal vendetta and nothing more.

There has been no obstruction, because there has been no crime committed,. Americans are growing angrier by the day, as the radical left has thrown their daily tantrums accusing the President of all sorts of vulgarities. And Hillary(Hildebeast) has come out defending her part in funding the Steele Dossier. Truly she is one shameless, angry, ugly pap-smear of a demon-filled bitch.

And she and her cohorts have angrily expressed their disdain for the American Patriots who voted for President Trump.

That’s why I proudly celebgrate President Donald Trump. Our champion for economic common sense, strength, and defense of our Constitutional republic.

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