Wednesday May 9th Al Rassooli + Trump pulls US out of horrid Iran Nuke Deal

The Trump Card- Wins every time!

Mueller’s abuse of his roll as special investigator may soon come to an end!

Say what you will, but there can be no arguing that the impact on America’s working people of the Trump policies at home and abroad are beginning to pay dividends. Americans are happier, more confident, and have less financial stress than they have in a very long time.

And where foreign policy is concerned, the majority of Americans approved of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, and even more approved of withdrawing from the ridiculous Iran Nuke Deal, which was no deal at all for us, and was a means of aiding the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet.

Morally, and strategically, what Trump has done around the world has made perfect sense, if the goal is to strengthen OUR position and force our enemies to come to the table with real recalcitrance and repentance for the crimes they have committed internationally.

And then there is the media, who are so consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they cannot control their bladders any more. They are wetting themselves daily, because their agenda is so counter to what the American people’s hopes and aspirations are. The echo-chamber media has never tried to deliver true news, so more and more Americans are cutting the cord, bidding the media good riddance.

So now we are free to talk politics, geopolitics, faith, facts and the issues and items that are the priority for We, the People.

No special interests, no lobbyists, no “consultants” and no putrid pundits spewing talking-points while condescending to the unwashed masses.

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