Wednesday November 20th 2019: IQ Al Rassooli delivers the reality check!


Democrats finally get their Judas Iscariot on the stand: Sondland LIES HIS ASS OFF!

This changes nothing but since it serves the mainstream media’s “narrative” it will be hailed as a courageous man telling the truth. Nothing could be further from it!

Here is your modern-day Judas who no doubt already has a book deal, and likely many other offers to enrich himself if he will implicate the President. Trouble is he just committed perjury. And his false testimony contradicts every other witness called. He is clearly lying to serve himself and because he is an anti-Trump activist, a wolf in sheep’s clothing he undermines the President as a matter of serving his true evil task-masters.

This will change nothing. Sondland is now a man without one grain of integrity. In other words, the Democrats love the SH!T out of him!!
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