Wednesday October 16th 2019 Guest IQ Al Rassooli- That’s Debatable!!

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Last night, CNN showcased the cadre of liberal idiots vying for the right to run against President Trump next year. It was a ridiculous display of cluelessness, globalist group-think, and unoriginal recycled socialist/communist retreads with nothing intelligent to say.

Mercifully, most of the nation watched game 4 of the National League Championship Series, where the Washington Nationals swept the St. Louis Cardinals in 4 games. It is the first time the Nationals ever made it to the LCS, and now they hold the pennant and will play the winner of the Astros/Yankees series in the World Series.

Meanwhile, does anybody really give a hoot what Lebron James has to say about world politics? That boy knows how to dribble, shoot and dunk. Aside from that, intellectually speaking, the guy is no Dennis Rodman!

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