Wednesday September 12th 2018 Happy Birthday to WHO? And guest IQ Al Rassooli plus the latest storm-track on Hurricane Florence


Here comes Florence: East coast braces for the worst, slow storm movement could mean record rainfall in Carolinas, Georgia, Tennesse West Virginia, Kentucky and possibly into the rust-belt, the deep south, as hurricane watches and warnings track from Savannah, GA to the entire coastline of the Carolinas.

Join uds LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at as we cover Florence, the lies of the fake news media, as economic growth continues ast a remarkable pace. Middle Class incomes are at record highs, and poverty in the United STates has dropped markedly!

IQ Al Rassooli will join us and we will discuss the latest geopolitically, and we’ll share some tid-bits regarding the aftermath of 9-11, and where the left has gone so terribly awry.