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The big Ivermectin lie?

by Breanna LeslieAugust 31, 2021in Current EventsOpinionVP Kamala Harris Presides Over Senate to Pass Afghanistan Evacuee BillKeep Watching

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Charlotte, NC — Countless objectors to the use of ivermectin against COVID-19 have cited its origin as an antiparasitic medicine, meaning that it is useless against a viral ailment. Despite repeated demonstrations of its efficacy in clinical trials and natural experiments, its use is still controversial and hushed. 

In India, specifically in Uttar Pradesh, the medication’s early and state-sanctioned (as of August 6, 2020) use is being credited for the low death rate in one of India’s most densely populated states. 

Yet, faced with mounting evidence and the adoption of its use in other nations such as JapanMexico, and several countries in South America, Ivermectin is highly censored, propagandized, and mocked by the FDA and US government. It’s met with an overwhelming attitude of elitism that shames those who question the manner in which it’s being shunned. 

In some ways, the mere utterance of its name is being criminalized by America’s newly minted social credit system. PROMOTED CONTENT


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However, the drug isn’t going away. In fact, this medicine that’s “only meant for parasites” is being studied as a possible treatment for cancer. about:blank

But I thought it was only good for treating worms in horses? 

Well, along with antiparasitic and antiviral properties, it seems the drug also shows promise in treating breast cancer, digestive system cancer, urinary system cancer, hematological cancer, reproductive system cancer, brain glioma, respiratory system cancer, and melanoma, 

Clearly, the properties of this drug outstretch its simplified classification as a horse dewormer by the mainstream media and FDA. And while more research is warranted, shouldn’t we question why we aren’t being offered a chance to take part in ivermectin studies when the push for a vaccination whose study isn’t completed until 2023 is being mandated in many settings? 

It’s not only the fact that trials aren’t being offered to voluntary participants. There is a calculated smear campaign against it, with big players such as the Cleveland Clinic stating, “there isn’t much data to support its effectiveness against COVID-19.” Or how about The New York Timesdownplayed the positive responses in clinical trials by calling the evidence “scant?” 

Kentucky senator and medical doctor Rand Paul offers a possible explanation. Though he reports falling somewhere in the middle of the debate, he also says an objective study conducted by federal researchers is being thwarted by the “hatred of Trump.” 

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