Wednesday September 22nd 2021: Dire economic outlook as utter failure of leadership destroys America’s confidence Plus: The big REVEAL LIVE!

JJ McCartney returns today with the CURE for the COMMON show, as we cover what’s really going on in the United States, and why Americans do nt care at all for Biden and Harris and their outrageous destruction of the rule of law, and for abandoning any semblance of protecting America from hostile invaders, and the blatant attempt to pollute red state Texas with hordes of illegals from south of the border and from places like Haiti and Afghanistan.

This isn’t about xenophobia. it’s about sovereignty. It’s about American Freedom. It’s about globalist puppet-masters attempting to destroy America from within.

And if that doesn’t make you fighting mad, then what would?

Time for patriots to summon up the same kind of courage our founding fathers called upon to win our freedom. Make no mistake, these people have declared war on Americans. And they think they can continue to war against us without ever having to admit that is what they are doing.

The Cloward-Piven technique of overwhelming our social services by flooding Texas and other states with undocumented, unvetted and un-screened masses is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook.

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