While the world’s eyes are on Texas, evil politicians plotting against Trump

It’s truly a disgrace what the establishment politicians from both parties are doing while the nation focuses on the catastrophic floods in Texas.

From Mitch McConnell to Paull Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and countless other career political hacks are plotting against President Trump.

And while they insist on being the slimy politicians they are, the American people have lost their tolerance for the type of obstruction they are practicing. Paul Ryan stated on Friday of last week that congress would not meet it’s obligation to pass a real budget for fiscal year 2018, instead declaring that hje wouldn’t be doing his job between now and then, and isisting that only another omnibus spending bill, known in the beltway as a “continuing resolution” where pork is greedily placed by corrupt and dastardly representatives who have [plenty of disdain for the working American people.

And while THAT is going on, North Korea has launched a ballistic missile OVER Japan. It’s high time that all members of congress and the senate accepted that President Trump is THE LEADER of this nation, and his position deserves and should command respect, as we face possible military action, and the very serious matter of dealing with the North Korean madman with nukes.

President Trump is the president for ALL of America. If people cannot accept that, then let’s ship THOSE BASTARDS to any communist regime they seem to prefer to our Democratic Representative Republic.

President Trump is dealing with the real problems our nation faces, problems made much worse by the previous regime, and problems which We, The People elected the current congress to solve by working with the President.

The establishment political hacks in Washington can all go straight to Havana, or Pyongyang, or Beijing, or perhaps to Liberia. They refuse to acknowledge the will of the people expressed in November, so it is clearly time for these traitors and anarchists to be shown the exits.

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