Why you should boycott the NFL, ESPN, Disney, and the Electric Company

There used to be a time when everybody understood their roles in this thing called Western civilization.

Diplomats were statesmen and stateswomen. Professors were levelheaded and fair-minded. Universities were actual repositories of knowledge and reason. The halls of government were places of honor and history.

Entertainers cared what their audiences thought of their work, and never presumed to offer the audience unsolicited advice.

And professional athletes understood that aside from excelling at a sport, they had no basis in claiming to be heroes, sages or again, offering unsolicited advice to the fans. And that included refraining from expressing radical political protests, especially in a world that has made them more wealthy than any average fan could ever imagine.

And at the risk of sounding cruel, I must say this to all NFL players: I do not pay you to offer your social commentary. I pay you to run fast, jump high, block, tackle, score points or hit a ball with a stick. How you misinterpret this to mean that I am in need of your own narrow-minded and ignorant opinions is remarkably arrogant and profoundly stupid.

And when it comes to the National Anthem and the American Flag, I expect, and yes, I DEMAND you respect them both by standing at attention with your hand over your heart. I expect you to respect the amount of blood from people of every color that was sacrificially spilled so that you could eventually go on to live a life of opulent and outrageous luxury.

Do not preach to me about special “rights” carved out for people of your particular skin color, and I damned sure do not wish to hear you disrespecting police departments and officers as though they are people who routinely go hunting for someone of your color to shoot.

The police in America are not racists. If you are so concerned about people who look like you, then why do you not try to do something about the massacre of blacks in America’s big cities, who are gunning one another down like it’s a video game?

And considering that places like Chicago have some the most strict gun laws in the nation, and yet the criminals keep on shooting people, clearly making a mockery of your high-minded political elitists who seem perfectly content to let the slaughter go unaddressed.

Speaking as someone who enjoys sports(or used to back when athletes respected the right of fans not to be subjected to overt displays of your acute ignorance made manifest by your refusal to pay proper respect to our anthem and our flag.

I may just be one guy,, but I am wagering that millions more see things just the way I do.

When I require your political advice, I will ask for it in an unmistakable way. Until that day arrives(about the same day the moon falls into the ocean, just keep your opinions to yourself. You are not entitled to a platform. You make millions of dollars playing a game we all grew up playing in playgrounds, parks and the streets. Don’t pretend that sports qualifies you to explain the nuances of this democratic republic to me or any other sports fan or aficionado.

Just shut your mouth, hit the ball, score the touchdown, or make the basket, and act like you have been there before. Keep your mouths shut, and smile for the cameras. THAT is all you are entitled to, and only so long as you maintain your skill-set.

The fact that the NFL is not disciplining players for disrespecting the flag and the anthem,(and the good men and women who died protecting what they stand for) makes it clear to me that the league is no longer in touch with the patriotic fans of America. Ratings are spiraling downward, and that is a clear message we the people are sending to YOU, Roger Goodell.

Why was it that you ostracized Tim Tebow from the league? He was a winning quarterback, and then he was essentially blackballed by a consortium of politically correct cowards in the NFL who simply didn’t appreciate the fact that this young man lives his convictions every day, and wasn’t willing to stop giving glory and honor to Jesus.

So praying and thanking God is shunned, but ingrates can protest our flag and our anthem and you do nothing.

So you see, we the People are left with just one recourse: Boycott the NFL. Stop watching, stop spending money on licensed products, and see who comes crawling back first.