Wednesday: Common Core opponent Jeanie Eller joins JJ

A bit of a heavy heart today, as we lost my Uncle Bill. If you hear me speak of how we in this generation need good role models for our young people, my Uncle Bill was surely a great role model for MY generation.

I grew to respect and love Uncle Bill after I lost my own father, at the age of 22, and as my life took some turns and rocky roads, Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary were so kind, and never judged me. They simply showed me the love of Christ in the manner in which they lived their lives.

My prayer for today is that young people will find good and Godly role models, and will come to a fuller knowledge of Christ’s redemptive power by seeing a great example set.

Oh, yes…Join JJ today as his guest is activist Jeanie Eller, whose work fighting Common Core includes a long list of writings, and actively speaking out against this poisonous toxic curriculum to enslave your kids.JMAN-in-studio2

We will cover the basics, and welcome all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or concerned educators to join us!

Showtime is 3pm eastern time, at

Tuesday’s show: Bill Connor, and “Article V”. BIG news!


Join JJ Tuesday for a very lively show, as his guest for the first hour of the show will be Bill Connor, R-SC, who is challenging Lindsey Graham, Rino-SC, for the GOP Senate nomination…and the right to run against the liberal democrat nominee in November!JJMc-logo4b

This will be Bill’s 3rd appearance on the show, and we look forward to hearing his report on how the campaign is going, and what we, the good Tea-Party conservatives can do to help him in his race!

Please note this next item.

Tuesday, JJ will expound upon Article V of the Constitution, and a story the main-stream media is ignoring. This past week, Michigan became the 34th state to join the call for a Constitutional Convention. Article V is clear: if 2/3 of the states call for a Constitutional Convention, then it *MUST* be held!

Now is the time for all of you who were planning to attend Operation Operation “American Spring” set for May 16, 2014: Target…, to commit to this cause. Let’s make sure we present the official documents to the proper authorities in D.C., and demand our Constitutional Convention!

And let’s remember, our founders gave us all the tools we need to throw off this tyrannical government. All WE have to do, is show up and stand resolute. And pray to God for His divine protection and guidance.

Obama manhood issue illustrated

Copy of obama-judo-2

The picture is worth 1000 words.

Monday: Dr. Mark Davis Topics: Obama and Antisemitism

Dr. Mark Davis joins JJ today on The JJ McCartney Show!DrMarkheadshot

Obamacare, the Bundy Ranch, plus the latest on the dangerous re-emergence of antisemitism in Russia.

Stories breaking over the weekend should serve as the alarm bells for the re-emergence of antisemitism in Russia and Ukraine.

We’ll talk about it…today on the radio show.

Click the “Listen Now button to hear the show LIVE at 3PM Eastern time.

Conservatives Leaving Glenn Beck in Droves

When I look back on the career of Glenn Beck, I recognize a pattern.

When he was on CNN, he played a fairly middle-of-the-road politically neutral radio personality, whose show was not quite a “shock-jock” format, but was more like a nice, steaming cup of decaf in the morning.

When he moved to Fox News, he was suddenly exposed to a much larger audience, and recognized that if he were to pander to conservative viewers, he could sell a TON of books, and could exploit his position to greatly pad his wallet.

Some called him a charlatan. Some believed he was sincere, and hundreds of thousands flocked to D.C. as Beck organized a large and peaceful rally which was supposedly to restore Honor, and a host of conservative speakers were drawn to the event. Beck had reached a new apex, and his stock rose.Bundy Ranch

Then, oddly, Fox and Beck decided to part ways. Beck vowed to begin his own new media empire. A new website, a radio show produced by his own brand called”Mercury”, and then “The Blaze” debuted.

Almost immediately after they kicked off “the Blaze”, I smelled a rat. The Blaze was supposedly the great new news site. Nut I recognized several signs that this site was not what it was being billed to be. Sensational headlines promising readers “won’t believe” this story, and then “you’ll be amazed” by that story…yet the stories were largely recycled fluff.

I noticed very little original content, and of the original content I did see, it was poorly written, terribly amateurish, and it struck me as an operation being run by shallow thinkers.

And then Beck’s radio show became a terribly self-indulgent exercise in self-aggrandizing, and two sycophantic side-kicks named Pat and Stu. These side-kicks, neither of whom could ever carry a show of their own, would fawn over everything Beck would say, and the shmooze-fest was something I could easily resist any temptation to listen to.

Ideologically speaking, much of what Glenn Beck says makes sense to a vast many people. However, any actor can play a role well enough to make people think they are who and what they claim to be. Over time, sooner or later, a person’s true nature begins to emerge. Such was the case with Glenn Beck. His true self began showing this past week, when he began to rail on Cliven Bundy.

Some people speculate that Beck sided with Harry Reid on this matter because they are both Mormons. I have my doubts about that, but I see where they could draw such a conclusion. My best hypothesis is simply that Glenn Beck is trying to distinguish himself as somehow being above the patriot movement that is so completely ready to draw the line in the sand. After all, Beck has made his millions…so he doesn’t actually need to run afoul of the government.

So he likely figures he’s more insulated from the blow-back if he hedges and plays both sides against the middle. It demonstrates one clear fact: Beck is a charlatan, a circus barker, and his projected ideology is a self-serving one. He thinks he can afford to protect the status quo now. In so doing, he has chosen up a side, and he’s now standing with Harry Reid.

And for those millions of people who bought into his act, I pray they will recognize what this man is, and the fraudulent bill of goods he sold them. There is a real Patriot movement in this nation. The good people of this nation must stand together against this authoritarian government. We must never allow them to take by force that which the Constitution will never give them: Our liberty, our freedom, and our God-given rights.
If you are a disgruntled listener of Glenn Beck, I urge you to discover the many real patriots who are broadcasting the truth. we at are endeavoring to provide just such a platform.

Jesus: He is Risen Indeed!

As we celebrate the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, I wish to say for all to hear and know, that I believe He is RISEN from the grave, that Jesus holds the keys to hell and death, and that HE is ALIVE in the flesh today! Jesus-cross

So much has been said and written over the ages about Jesus and His life, His death, His resurrection, and His ascension into heaven.

I can not add much to the words of so many scholars and theologians who hold doctorates, degrees and have many years of experience as ministers or preachers, but I can say this: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus. He is my Redeemer, my Lord, and as I grow older and greyer with each passing year, I fall more in love with Jesus, and I know for certain that His redemption, His salvation is not something I could ever earn or deserve.

And I thank God that I do not have to measure up to gain my salvation. Instead, salvation is God’s free gift to us. But that salvation will change you. It HAS to. For we are told that once we invite Jesus to live within our hearts, He comes in, looks around, and the He begins housekeeping in His new temple. If He finds a bunch of worthless junk, he’s going to make you throw it away, and cast it off just as you would cast off dirty smelly clothes.

We are made new creations by Jesus. I am so very thankful that when I was very young, I made my decision for Christ. I prayed the prayer of salvation when I was very young. SO young, in fact, that my parents didn’t believe I was old enough to make the decision to become a Christian. I was about 4 when the words of the minister pierced me. I realized that when I misbehaved, I was sinning, and I understood by watching both of my brothers receive Christ that it was something I needed.

So I prayed the prayer, and I believed. It was a few years later that I was allowed to be baptized, but I know for a fact that I belonged to Jesus well before then.

And throughout my 51 years, I can honestly say that when I was just 4 years old, I did the smartest thing I have ever done in my life. Everything that I have gone through, good and bad since then, I have known that I was not alone. I knew that Jesus was forever my companion, and that the Holy Spirit would not ever loosen it’s grip on my soul.

On this very meaningful weekend, I pray that you all come to know Jesus personally as your Lord and Savior. You can’t ever know how full and rich your life can be, until you let loose of your sinful pride, and you confess your sin, and you receive Jesus as your Savior.

May God bless you all as we remember the resurrection of our dear Savior and Lord, Jesus.

Good Friday: Christians, a day for reflecting

Good Friday: Christians, a day for reflecting

As I see hundreds of new visitors here each day, I pray that we reflect the love of Jesus to those who find their way to our site.

I was speaking last night with the leader of the South Carolina Tea Party, and he asked me “what is your passion”? I didn’t hesitate to tell him that my passion is for winning souls and walking in obedience to God. That is my chief passion. I of course also have a passion for great radio, for honing the craft of broadcasting, which I’ve been a part of for now my fifth decade.

I have a variety of interests and passions, but the single biggest passion is simply to reflect Jesus in my life as much as I can. That goal is one I know I can do better. But I’ve know Jesus as my Lord and Savior for so long now that some days it might be easy to get wrapped up in my own personal issues and items, and so it is imperative that I surround myself with reminders of whom I believe in, whose blood was spilled for my sin, and who I know is coming soon.

Good Friday of course commemorates the evening leading into Passover in the orthodox Hebrew faith. But for the Christians, it represents the day that Jesus, who stood accused of claiming to be the King of the Jews, and of speaking blasphemy by simply telling the people who He was. When asked if He was the Son of God, and whether He was the Messiah, Jesus quietly spoke in the affirmative. His words were neither blasphemous, nor was He deluded when He  answered Pilate. He was simply testifying truth.

The scripture indicates that Pilate was a bit vexed when contemplating the greek word for truth: “Veritas”. It is the root word from which we derive words like verdict and verification. Pilate asks “what is truth”?.

As a faithful follower of Christ Jesus, I can tell you that Jesus never struggled with the question. He lived the life His Father had sent Him to live. He had no question in His mind who He was, nor of what His mission was supposed to be about. Jesus was sent to earth to demonstrate the sacrificial LOVE of God the Father for we, His children.

Jesus was the living Son of God, yet He was born with the same free will we are all born with. How mighty was HIS faith? He awoke to each new day, knowing where the road He was on would ultimately carry Him. Yet He was unafraid to walk in obedience to God, the Father.

Jesus could easily have subdued His captors, extricated Himself from the chains, the ropes, the bonds of mere men, and called down a legion of Angels to protect Him, and to deliver Him from evil. But Jesus chose instead to walk in complete obedience to God. Did Jesus WANT to speak out to defend Himself from the false charges made against Him? No, rather He spoke few words, and became the fulfillment of the prophets of the Old Testament.

And so on this Good Friday, I wish to reflect on a Father who loved His children enough to sen His ONLY SON to go and fetch his lost sheep. We must recognize that to God, we were all lost sheep. He sent the Good Shepherd to retrieve us from the clutches of the evil one.

My prayer today is that God will simply soften my heart, quicken my mind and my words, and let me reflect in my messages that Jesus, the Lord, crucified and was subjected to pain and anguish few could ever fully relate to or understand.

For today commemorates the day that Jesus CHOSE to suffer the condemnation that was heretofore reserved for sinners of such ill repute that they were convicted of a capitol crime, and sentenced to die the most shameful death the Romans could muster.Jesus-cross

Jesus may have writhed with pain, and he suffered emotionally, knowing that His Father would soon turn away, as the hour drew near when Jesus would cry out “My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?” (Eli, Eli, lami sabacthani!)

When we go through our trials and frustrations in our lives, it helps to remember that the God of the Universe, the creator of all things, loved YOU so much that he sent His only Son to retrieve your lost soul from your own sin! You mustn’t let your mind trick you into believing that what God did, through the person of Jesus, nailed to that cross, tortured and killed, buried and then resurrected on the third day, was surely not meant for you.

Do not try to comprehend the magnitude of God’s love for you. You will do best to simply accept God’s free gift of salvation, and of a personal relationship with the Father in Heaven who MADE YOU, and who LOVES you to the degree that He would choose to suffer THAT MUCH just so he could fellowship with you!

Our mortal minds may never fully grasp the depth of that love. So let;s do the next-best thing: Let’s reflect that same kind of love fro all we meet! Let’s reflect the agape love which God showed us on Calvary. We may show it by being long-suffering in a work situation, or by lending a compassionate ear to someone else who is struggling.

We can show His love by visiting the sick, or the infirm, or those who are in prison. Let’s show it to the homeless man in need to a blanket, some shelter, a hot meal and maybe, just maybe a friendly ear, willing to hear their burden and pray with them.

If we are not filled with the passion to reach out to the lost and they dying, then we must ask God to fill us with the passion to minister to those who are in need. Pray for a deeper and closer walk with God, and then, just as Jesus did, let us awake each day and set about doing our Father’s business each day.

And please pray, beloved friends, that we will be working at our Father’s business when that trumpet sounds, and Christ comes to receive us unto Himself.

Let’s reflect on Jesus, and show Him to the lost and dying world, and let our foundation always be the deep and abiding love we feel for God Almighty, and let us reflect HIS love for all of mankind.

May God bless you all, and may you know the richness of fully accepting what Jesus did for you, and the power of his spilled blood…the ONLY power in the universe that can save you to the uttermost!




Thursday April 17th: Gary Franchi joins JJ on today’s show

Gary Franchi, a conservative constitutionalist journalist will be my guest today on the JJ McCartney Show.

Gary worked extensively with filmmaker Aaron Russo on the award-winning documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” just before Russo’s tragic death after a courageous battle with cancer.

Franchi took up the mantle after Russo’s passing and is now a hard-working truth-teller. Next News Network said this of Gary:

Gary began his activist career as an associate of the late filmmaker and liberty activist Aaron Russo, who wrote and directed the acclaimed documentary “America: From Freedom to Fascism.” Russo, who had previously produced such films as “Trading Places” and “The Rose,” used his documentary to expose the fraudulent origins and criminal activities of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS. His documentary was released shortly before the collapse of the Federal Reserve’s real estate bubble and the Wall Street bailout – events that underscored the timeliness and relevance of Russo’s film, and validated his warnings about the pervasive corruption of the banking system.

Unfortunately, Russo died in August 2007 after a long and courageous struggle against abdominal cancer. When that valiant freedom fighter fell, someone had to pick up the flag and continue the struggle – and Gary, who at the time was 29, volunteered for that task. He succeeded Russo as National Director of Restore the Republic (RTR), a national activist network devoted to promoting the ideals of individual liberty, the rule of law, and the restoration of America’s national independence.


Within a year, RTR made its influence felt by inspiring tens of thousands of activists and volunteers to support the Constitution-centered presidential candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul – a contribution that earned a public expression of gratitude from Dr. Paul himself. Four years later, Gary would raise more than a million dollars in the first Super PAC organized to support the 2012 Ron Paul campaign.’

It’s sure to be a GREAT visit with Gary, and I urge you to tune in to hear exclusive information about the Bundy Ranch, and so much more!!

Wednesday: John Hawkins of!

Join me LIVE for a great show, as we cover the day’s news and much much more!

Call the toll-free number ot join the conversation at 888-997-2141!

A Taxing Day Comes to a Close.

Well, friends, as April 15th goes, this was one. I know many of you are probably bristling over the stress of filing your tax returns. It’s an exercise I loathe more than tooth extraction, personally.

It is made all the worse by knowing that our tax dollars are flushed down the Federal commode, never to be seen again on this continent. The reality is that the IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve. Would you like to see the reality of it? Look up Aaron Russo’s last film here.

The sad reality is we are all being played by the most crooked set of thieves and crooks in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Some day, everybody will have to come clean. One day, all of this will come out in the wash. I just pray that people will wake up and band together and rise up and take back this nation from the looters, the crooks, the criminals and the global elites like Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rothschilds, the Soros’s and the lunatics who believe they can destroy 95 percent of the population and then be free to thrive in some warped “Utopia” of their own design.

My bible tells me that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus the Christ is LORD. It’s just a matter of WHEN they will bow and confess.

Meanwhile, look on the bright side: We are as far away from April 15th, 2015 as we can be. Let’s make these next 365 days count, and meet up here same time next year, and see of we have made any real progress, or if Al Gore is still a big fat loser, Hillary Clinton is still haunting Bill Clinton in his sleep, and if the Federal deficit has hit 20 Trillion yet. I’m guessing at least 2 of the three will be true in exactly one year.

Can you guess which of those three is a “maybe”? Me either.

Be sure to join me Wednesday, when my guest will be John Hawkins of!