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The definition of "betrayal"? Difficult to ignore, and often misdiagnosed Featured

You think you know someone.

You develop what you believe to be a kinship, a friendship, and a certain bond of mutual trust and understanding of them. You listen to them, you communicate with them, and you support them through hardships and you support them when many betray them. You are generous with your time, and your energy, and you lift them up in prayer, defending them when much of the world is trying to skewer them and roast them alive.

You reach out to them in friendship and brotherly support, and just when you think "wow, I really do have a friend in this person", they slip off the radar. They become unresponsive. They lie to you. They put you off. They fail to reply to you as you attempt to maintain communication. 

AThen, as if they never knew you, they simply shut you off. Not even the courtesy of a brief explanation. They simply betray you. Then you go back in time, and assess the whole 'friendship" to try to find a clue what happened. Then you realize that this person, for whatever reason, decided to use your friendship in a non-reciprocal way. When they needed to make a statement, or float a theory, or cleverly release bits and pieces of information, they would act like your best pal. 

But when you needed to speak with them, or just touch base with them for the sole purpose of keeping the relationship fresh and vibrant, to let them know you were praying for them and supporting them, they suddenly treat you as if you are invisible. 

Rudeness comes in many forms. It can be gruffness or a rude insinuation. It can be misinformation. It can be undue criticism. Or, it can simply be treating someone like they are nonexistent. In many ways, you may feel a sharp stabbing pain in your back, as they forsake the causes and beliefs you seemed at one point to share. And what's worse, they expose themselves as self-serving self-promoting gas-bags, once you see things from a distance.

What possible reason would they have for acting in the manner they have? Simple. They've moved on to use other people the way they once used you. They've feigned a belief in moral principles, until it required more of them than a simple self-serving diatribe. 

As a man who has been battling heart disease, Cancer, MRSA infections shingles, diabetes and severe neuropathy for five years, as well as severe debilitating spinal stenosis and crippling arthritis, I have developed a threshold over these years, and have tended never to complain. I am a longsuiffering person. I tend not to show a lot of ill effects when I am doing my radio show. I figure if people wanted to hear someone else complain about every little ache and pain, they could just call their mom, or their in-laws and hear plenty.

I am an optimist, which is one of the reasons I am still alive. I always try top keep the mood light and happy, because I believe God wants us to dwell on what is RIGHT in our lives, instead of dwelling on the negative. I am a trusting person by nature. And I often have found that to be a dangerous habit. Over the course of my career I became jaded and untrusting, especially with so much experience. I have learned to recognize bullshit when I hear it, see it or catch a whiff of it in my olfactory nerve.

I could be crass and name names. I could launch an all-out verbal barrage on certain people. But to what end? its enough for me to know that they know that I know how full of shit they are. And it's enough to know that I haven't, and will never stoop to their level to elevate myself politically, socially or even economically. 

Look, I love life. I love being able to do my radio show, and getting to know some very wonderful people in the course of the show's development and metamorphosis. I do the show as an act of daily obedience and self-discipline. SOme days I do good shows. SOme days I do great shows. Some times I am tired, exhausted, and weary, and on those days, I rely most heavily on my skills and experience to whirl my way from start to finish. And then there are days like Tuesday. 

If you missed my show on Tuesday, you owe it to yourself to listen. Not because it will make you wealthy and good-looking and instantly famous, but because when a craftsmen achieves the level of perfection and excellence I did Tuesday, it deserves to be shared with the whole world. That is not bragging, it is simply a truthful analysis of the show. And if you dare to dig through the archives from day one back on August 19th, 2013 until today, you will  discover that my shows are all rather exceptiuonal when compared to anything you will find anywhere from small town radio to major market radio. 

I have worked my butt off since age 15, honing my skills, developing my talent, feeding my brain, and paying careful attention every single day to the world we live in and the events  in human history which have enabled me to store a vast library of information in my head, and my heart.

When you go back and judge my body of work since that first show in 2013 until today, I humbly submit that you would be hard pressed to find half a dozen people that can perform at the level I have, especially considering the adversities I have faced in that same time frame.

I didn't do this alone. I have enjoyed undying loyalty and support from my wife, Susan, from my daughter, Allison, and from a handful of listeners and acquaintances I have confided in and shared my heart's best wishes with. Nobody could sustain this kind of effort without prayer-warriors supporting them, and lifting up our petitions to Christ Jesus alone.

Life is too short to carry bitterness in your heart. Thus I can honestly say I am not bitter. But I am wiser, and for those who at one point or another tried to undermine, betray, back-stab or slander me, I can honestly report that I sleep fine every night. I do not have any regrets where these people are concerned. Ultimately, it is they who must wrestle with a guilty conscience, and the less I say about them, the better for me. I have never believed in elevating one's self by putting other people down. 

I simply trust that God has my back, and that He also has my family's back, and that when I pray for them, and for us, and for those who have supported me faithfully and loyally, I trust God to divinely protect them from the machinations of evil.

So I have said my piece. I have mentioned no names. And yet, I am curious how many people are going to read this, and assume that I am referring to them? I cannot honestly say that I know how many people that might be. But I would rather be me, any day of the week, than those who may feel pangs of shame or guilt over how thay have dealt with me over my adult life.

In the end, I trust God. And my wife and my daughter, and my dogs. And a handful of people I know for a fact God sent into our lives, to enrich us, and to enrich them asw well, through grand fellowship and true concern for one another.

I pray this finds you all well, happy and joyful in spirit. 

God bless...


Falling out of touch: Sadly I missed the passing of...

The reality of my physical condition is such that my stream of consciousness has suffered...

 ...That's the only way I can explain how I managed to miss completely the fact that my favorite jazz singer passed away more than a month ago.

Let me explain. I am battling so many maladies, one of my daily realities is very strong prescription pain medications, which can affect my congnitive skills. And since we disconnected cable TV 3 years ago, we no longer have an unending stream of the 24-hour news cycle permeating our home life.

But When the subject is the passing of Al Jarreau, I wish I had gotten that memo. Al Jarreau was my instant favorite when I first played his hit single "We're in this Love Together" in the summer/fall of 1981. I was almost 19 years old. I was immediately bowled over by Jarreau's talent. 

I was renting a room from my aunt and uncle in Anchorage, Alaska. I was a disc jockey, and managed to "borrow" a copy of Al Jarreau's album, "Breakin' Away". I didn't steal the record, but I did dub it to HQ CRO2 cassette, and I proceeded to wear that tape out. 

Al Jarreau was a jazz phenom. His scat-ability was remarkable, and easy to hear on songs like Roof Garden, and "Blue Rondo ala Turk". I was instantly a fan. But Jarreau, in spite of winning 7 Grammy awards, never got the critical acclaim in pop that he should have.

And it was painful to see on YouTube the stupid young TV news anchors, including one of Fox News, tha actually mispronounced his name while announcing his death. I was so pissed when I heard this brainless idiot on Fox News repeat his mispronunciation at least 3 or 4 times. His name was not Al Ja-rooo. It was Al Jah-ROWE, you stupid moron!!!! 

I might have forgiven this mistake had it been any other singer, but Al Jarreau was the best living jazz singer on the planet. If you have never heard his live performance of the old Dave Brubeck hit "Take Five", you have not truly lived. It is pure jazz genius. If you find the 1976 version, where he is wearing a red shirt, you will see the master in his prime.

Al Jarreau was not an overnight success. He was in his early 40's before most people had ever heard his name. He did appear in the 1977 movie "The Wiz" with Michael Jackson and Dianna Ross, but until his breakthrough "Breakin' Away" album in 1981, only afficionados knew who he was.

Jarreau was a native of Milwakee, Wisconsin and worked at a brewery before his musical career became his full-time calling. He had monster hits in the 1980's with songs like "Monin' and "After All". He also sang the theme song for they late 80's dramedy "Moonlighting" with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

But for me, I will always be that wide-eyed 19-year-old, listening to Jarreau through my hi-fi with the Quadrophonic amplifier and my amazing JBL Decade 36L speakers. The kind that shake the needle off the turntable. It didn't get any better than that.

I was truly pained when I learned of Jarreau's passing early this morning. I wish I had known sooner. But I felt I should at least pay a tribute to the man, whose talent was surpassed by his joy-giving spirit and his deep belief in God, and his willingness to encourage, inspire, and help shape young people in the city to aspire to live up to their God-given talents.

Al Jarreau was as amazing as any jazz singer in my lifetime, and that is saying something since I include Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima and Ella Fitzgerald.

I hope I get to meet him in Heaven. I am pretty sure he will be singing there, too. Rest in peace, Al Jarreau. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift with us.


A Week of Tumult - London, N. Korea, Healthcare, Gorsuch Hearings Featured

A week of uncertainty: World is a powder-keg, while leftists screech for "tolerance", Muslim terrorists and Illegal Immigrants terrorize and rape, under cover of the corporate, globalist-controlled media.

Why YOU should listen to The JJ McCartney Show:

  • We tell the truth, and are accused of racism, xenophobia, intolerance and hatred. Nonetheless, we shall tell the truth as long as the Lord gives us breath.
  • While people like Gavin Newsome, Janet Napolitano, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU extend illegal protctions to illegal immigrants, unlawful "refugees" and aid and abet purveyors of terrorism, treason, sedition and sexual brutality.
  • Here at we will not go quietly, we will not capitulate to the lying mainstream media, and we will uphold the Constitution, in defiance of activist judges, kangaroo courts, and idle threats from George Soros-funded trolls and snowflakes. We will not accept any restriction or usurpation of our constitutional rights, nor will we abdicate our constitutional power over the government.
  • We're here to stay, leftists. Deal with it. Same to you, Rinos. 
  • There are no term limits on We, the People.
  • Join us Friday at Noon Eastern at or with JJ's guest, the Mysterious Colonel!

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