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Wednesday: The Professor: I.Q. Al Rassooli delivers a free lesson in Obama's nefarious refugee plan Featured

On Wednesdays, we welcome our good friend and mentor regarding all things Muslim, I.Q.(Ibn) Al Rassooli!This show is part college-level curriculum on the evil establishment of Islam, and as I.Q. likes to say, Muhammed's whore-house version of paradise. Those 72 virgins that Muhammed suggested would await martys in the cause of Islam are a cruel joke.

The politically correct people who claim Islam is a "religion of peace" are fools on the highest order. I.Q. instead tells the truth, the Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of piss!Yes, it is true, we don't speak political correctness. Instead, we tell the TRUTH.Tune in for the LIVE show at 3:05pm Eastern time.

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Tuesday: Former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell talks Intelligence, U.N. Featured

Tuesday: A new guest to the show!

Join JJ McCartney for a great Tuesday show, as we welcome former US Pokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell.

We'll talk about the intel briefings that both major presidential candidates are privvy to at this stage of the election, and also we'll explore whether the United Nations serves any useful purpose for the people of the United States.

Plus the news of the day and YOUR phone calls, too!

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Monday: Author Alex Markovsky tells all about Marxism in America(aka the Democrat Party) Featured

Monday on The JJ McCartney Show:

Alex Markovsky
Author of the book Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It

Alex joins us Monday at 3:05pm Eastern time to talk about the book, which exposes how instead of defeating communism, America, subtly at first, became infected by communism dressed up in sheep's clothing(the Democrat party).

Amazon describes the book:

Written by a Soviet émigré and scholar of Marxism, the book begins with the author’s recounting of the end of the Cold War. Despite the common perception that democracy defeated communism, the author presents evidence that the Democratic Party has adopted Marxism in a new philosophy he calls Liberal Bolshevism. Mr. Markovsky trucks the origins of Liberal Bolshevism back to the policies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR and chronicles the transformation of the Democratic Party into the Social Democratic Party. 

Through the prism of Marxism the author traces the rhythms and patterns of the toxic amalgamation of liberalism and socialism from Lenin to Obama and binds together the Democratic Party’s policies into a Marxist-socialist cause that American Social Democrats, just like their Soviet predecessors, are committed to achieving at all costs. 

Alex Markovsky is high-energy, and puts liberalism in it's place like few people can. Who better to expose the socialist Democrats than a Russian emigrant who knows all too well the cruelty and sadistic evil of communism?

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