Jesus: He is Risen Indeed!

As we celebrate the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, I wish to say for all to hear and know, that I believe He is RISEN from the grave, that Jesus holds the keys to hell and death, and that HE is ALIVE in the flesh today! Jesus-cross

So much has been said and written over the ages about Jesus and His life, His death, His resurrection, and His ascension into heaven.

I can not add much to the words of so many scholars and theologians who hold doctorates, degrees and have many years of experience as ministers or preachers, but I can say this: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus. He is my Redeemer, my Lord, and as I grow older and greyer with each passing year, I fall more in love with Jesus, and I know for certain that His redemption, His salvation is not something I could ever earn or deserve.

And I thank God that I do not have to measure up to gain my salvation. Instead, salvation is God’s free gift to us. But that salvation will change you. It HAS to. For we are told that once we invite Jesus to live within our hearts, He comes in, looks around, and the He begins housekeeping in His new temple. If He finds a bunch of worthless junk, he’s going to make you throw it away, and cast it off just as you would cast off dirty smelly clothes.

We are made new creations by Jesus. I am so very thankful that when I was very young, I made my decision for Christ. I prayed the prayer of salvation when I was very young. SO young, in fact, that my parents didn’t believe I was old enough to make the decision to become a Christian. I was about 4 when the words of the minister pierced me. I realized that when I misbehaved, I was sinning, and I understood by watching both of my brothers receive Christ that it was something I needed.

So I prayed the prayer, and I believed. It was a few years later that I was allowed to be baptized, but I know for a fact that I belonged to Jesus well before then.

And throughout my 51 years, I can honestly say that when I was just 4 years old, I did the smartest thing I have ever done in my life. Everything that I have gone through, good and bad since then, I have known that I was not alone. I knew that Jesus was forever my companion, and that the Holy Spirit would not ever loosen it’s grip on my soul.

On this very meaningful weekend, I pray that you all come to know Jesus personally as your Lord and Savior. You can’t ever know how full and rich your life can be, until you let loose of your sinful pride, and you confess your sin, and you receive Jesus as your Savior.

May God bless you all as we remember the resurrection of our dear Savior and Lord, Jesus.

Good Friday: Christians, a day for reflecting

Good Friday: Christians, a day for reflecting

As I see hundreds of new visitors here each day, I pray that we reflect the love of Jesus to those who find their way to our site.

I was speaking last night with the leader of the South Carolina Tea Party, and he asked me “what is your passion”? I didn’t hesitate to tell him that my passion is for winning souls and walking in obedience to God. That is my chief passion. I of course also have a passion for great radio, for honing the craft of broadcasting, which I’ve been a part of for now my fifth decade.

I have a variety of interests and passions, but the single biggest passion is simply to reflect Jesus in my life as much as I can. That goal is one I know I can do better. But I’ve know Jesus as my Lord and Savior for so long now that some days it might be easy to get wrapped up in my own personal issues and items, and so it is imperative that I surround myself with reminders of whom I believe in, whose blood was spilled for my sin, and who I know is coming soon.

Good Friday of course commemorates the evening leading into Passover in the orthodox Hebrew faith. But for the Christians, it represents the day that Jesus, who stood accused of claiming to be the King of the Jews, and of speaking blasphemy by simply telling the people who He was. When asked if He was the Son of God, and whether He was the Messiah, Jesus quietly spoke in the affirmative. His words were neither blasphemous, nor was He deluded when He  answered Pilate. He was simply testifying truth.

The scripture indicates that Pilate was a bit vexed when contemplating the greek word for truth: “Veritas”. It is the root word from which we derive words like verdict and verification. Pilate asks “what is truth”?.

As a faithful follower of Christ Jesus, I can tell you that Jesus never struggled with the question. He lived the life His Father had sent Him to live. He had no question in His mind who He was, nor of what His mission was supposed to be about. Jesus was sent to earth to demonstrate the sacrificial LOVE of God the Father for we, His children.

Jesus was the living Son of God, yet He was born with the same free will we are all born with. How mighty was HIS faith? He awoke to each new day, knowing where the road He was on would ultimately carry Him. Yet He was unafraid to walk in obedience to God, the Father.

Jesus could easily have subdued His captors, extricated Himself from the chains, the ropes, the bonds of mere men, and called down a legion of Angels to protect Him, and to deliver Him from evil. But Jesus chose instead to walk in complete obedience to God. Did Jesus WANT to speak out to defend Himself from the false charges made against Him? No, rather He spoke few words, and became the fulfillment of the prophets of the Old Testament.

And so on this Good Friday, I wish to reflect on a Father who loved His children enough to sen His ONLY SON to go and fetch his lost sheep. We must recognize that to God, we were all lost sheep. He sent the Good Shepherd to retrieve us from the clutches of the evil one.

My prayer today is that God will simply soften my heart, quicken my mind and my words, and let me reflect in my messages that Jesus, the Lord, crucified and was subjected to pain and anguish few could ever fully relate to or understand.

For today commemorates the day that Jesus CHOSE to suffer the condemnation that was heretofore reserved for sinners of such ill repute that they were convicted of a capitol crime, and sentenced to die the most shameful death the Romans could muster.Jesus-cross

Jesus may have writhed with pain, and he suffered emotionally, knowing that His Father would soon turn away, as the hour drew near when Jesus would cry out “My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?” (Eli, Eli, lami sabacthani!)

When we go through our trials and frustrations in our lives, it helps to remember that the God of the Universe, the creator of all things, loved YOU so much that he sent His only Son to retrieve your lost soul from your own sin! You mustn’t let your mind trick you into believing that what God did, through the person of Jesus, nailed to that cross, tortured and killed, buried and then resurrected on the third day, was surely not meant for you.

Do not try to comprehend the magnitude of God’s love for you. You will do best to simply accept God’s free gift of salvation, and of a personal relationship with the Father in Heaven who MADE YOU, and who LOVES you to the degree that He would choose to suffer THAT MUCH just so he could fellowship with you!

Our mortal minds may never fully grasp the depth of that love. So let;s do the next-best thing: Let’s reflect that same kind of love fro all we meet! Let’s reflect the agape love which God showed us on Calvary. We may show it by being long-suffering in a work situation, or by lending a compassionate ear to someone else who is struggling.

We can show His love by visiting the sick, or the infirm, or those who are in prison. Let’s show it to the homeless man in need to a blanket, some shelter, a hot meal and maybe, just maybe a friendly ear, willing to hear their burden and pray with them.

If we are not filled with the passion to reach out to the lost and they dying, then we must ask God to fill us with the passion to minister to those who are in need. Pray for a deeper and closer walk with God, and then, just as Jesus did, let us awake each day and set about doing our Father’s business each day.

And please pray, beloved friends, that we will be working at our Father’s business when that trumpet sounds, and Christ comes to receive us unto Himself.

Let’s reflect on Jesus, and show Him to the lost and dying world, and let our foundation always be the deep and abiding love we feel for God Almighty, and let us reflect HIS love for all of mankind.

May God bless you all, and may you know the richness of fully accepting what Jesus did for you, and the power of his spilled blood…the ONLY power in the universe that can save you to the uttermost!




Thursday April 17th: Gary Franchi joins JJ on today’s show

Gary Franchi, a conservative constitutionalist journalist will be my guest today on the JJ McCartney Show.

Gary worked extensively with filmmaker Aaron Russo on the award-winning documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” just before Russo’s tragic death after a courageous battle with cancer.

Franchi took up the mantle after Russo’s passing and is now a hard-working truth-teller. Next News Network said this of Gary:

Gary began his activist career as an associate of the late filmmaker and liberty activist Aaron Russo, who wrote and directed the acclaimed documentary “America: From Freedom to Fascism.” Russo, who had previously produced such films as “Trading Places” and “The Rose,” used his documentary to expose the fraudulent origins and criminal activities of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS. His documentary was released shortly before the collapse of the Federal Reserve’s real estate bubble and the Wall Street bailout – events that underscored the timeliness and relevance of Russo’s film, and validated his warnings about the pervasive corruption of the banking system.

Unfortunately, Russo died in August 2007 after a long and courageous struggle against abdominal cancer. When that valiant freedom fighter fell, someone had to pick up the flag and continue the struggle – and Gary, who at the time was 29, volunteered for that task. He succeeded Russo as National Director of Restore the Republic (RTR), a national activist network devoted to promoting the ideals of individual liberty, the rule of law, and the restoration of America’s national independence.


Within a year, RTR made its influence felt by inspiring tens of thousands of activists and volunteers to support the Constitution-centered presidential candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul – a contribution that earned a public expression of gratitude from Dr. Paul himself. Four years later, Gary would raise more than a million dollars in the first Super PAC organized to support the 2012 Ron Paul campaign.’

It’s sure to be a GREAT visit with Gary, and I urge you to tune in to hear exclusive information about the Bundy Ranch, and so much more!!

Wednesday: John Hawkins of!

Join me LIVE for a great show, as we cover the day’s news and much much more!

Call the toll-free number ot join the conversation at 888-997-2141!

A Taxing Day Comes to a Close.

Well, friends, as April 15th goes, this was one. I know many of you are probably bristling over the stress of filing your tax returns. It’s an exercise I loathe more than tooth extraction, personally.

It is made all the worse by knowing that our tax dollars are flushed down the Federal commode, never to be seen again on this continent. The reality is that the IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve. Would you like to see the reality of it? Look up Aaron Russo’s last film here.

The sad reality is we are all being played by the most crooked set of thieves and crooks in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Some day, everybody will have to come clean. One day, all of this will come out in the wash. I just pray that people will wake up and band together and rise up and take back this nation from the looters, the crooks, the criminals and the global elites like Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rothschilds, the Soros’s and the lunatics who believe they can destroy 95 percent of the population and then be free to thrive in some warped “Utopia” of their own design.

My bible tells me that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus the Christ is LORD. It’s just a matter of WHEN they will bow and confess.

Meanwhile, look on the bright side: We are as far away from April 15th, 2015 as we can be. Let’s make these next 365 days count, and meet up here same time next year, and see of we have made any real progress, or if Al Gore is still a big fat loser, Hillary Clinton is still haunting Bill Clinton in his sleep, and if the Federal deficit has hit 20 Trillion yet. I’m guessing at least 2 of the three will be true in exactly one year.

Can you guess which of those three is a “maybe”? Me either.

Be sure to join me Wednesday, when my guest will be John Hawkins of!

JJ welcomes ‘Full Contact’ host Erik Rush!

Join JJ for the Tuesday edition of The JJ McCartney Show, as his guest will be the host of ‘Full Contact’ radio, Erik Rush!ErikRush

I know what you are saying. You are saying: “But JJ, he’s one of your competitors”. You would be dead wrong. Erik Rush and I are two warriors, working side-by-side in the war against liberalism, communism, Obamanomics, Obamacare, and 50 years of failed new-deal programs that were supposed to help end poverty.

We’re brothers in arms, fighting the lies, the idiocy of the pseudo-altruistic liberal brain. Truly, liberalism is a disease of the brain. The symptoms are simple: People begin by deluding themselves into thinking that nobody anywhere can possibly do better for themselves than a bunch of “do-gooders” can do with other people’s money. They are peddlers of generational poverty, dysfunctional family situations, single-parent ghetto slums, and yet they insist that their programs would succeed if only we would keep spending more and more non-existent money, while telling the poor entitlement-minded victims of their largesse that none of them will ever amount to anything, that they should simply accept their gub’mint checks and keep on voting for the democrats.

It’s time to break the cycle, and it’s time for the working men and women of this nation to unite, not under the banner of a corrupt labor union, but beneath the Reagan banner of LIBERTY, FREEDOM, Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, and Less Regulation.Reagan-dignity

America, you are not going to survive if you do not turn your back on the failed liberal experiment called the war on poverty. It is time we declared war on deficit spending. And let’s demand a balanced budget amendment, term limits, and let’s take away the golden parachute benefits of our elected officials in Washington, DC.

The term “career politician” would likely have gotten you shot amongst the Founding Fathers of this nation. In the year 2014, this government has gone completely mad with power. Barack Obama might be the best advertisement we could ever have for the mantra of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation, that is IF(and that is a BIG IF) we survive this man’s term in office!

We’ll also be taking your calls Tuesday, telling us your IRS nightmare stories. Funny, outrageous, or just plain stupid, let’s enjoy our First-Amendment right to bash the tax-man on this April 15th!

Choir boys Beck, Hannity lure Cliven Bundy away

Friends, all I can do is be honest and do what is honorable in my dealings with people. I would hope they would do the same, but I temper my hopes with the knowledge that people are, sadly, predictable in their tendencies.jones_-8a

Last Thursday, I spoke on the phone with Carol Bundy, wife of Cliven Bundy. She agreed to have Cliven call me at the top of the show today for a half-hour interview.

I gave her both the number to dial into the show, and my cell number in case anything came up. I trusted that one way or another, I would be hearing from them today.

Our radio show may not be the biggest, or the flashiest, but I will contend with ANYBODY that this show is among the very best content available from any form of media in the world. It’s an honest show, it’s an entertaining show, and it is a program which I try to make as compelling as possible for the listening audience.

Today, the Bundy family was wooed away from honoring their commitment to me. First by Glenn Beck, and then by Sean Hannity. I get it. TV shows. Big lights. Persuasive people on site, pressing them to appear and to blow off that guy with the piddly radio show. I mean, it’s OK to welch on your promise so long as you can play to the cameras and be romanced by the circus animals.

I am not bitter. But I am offended. Who wouldn’t be? One thing I can do is go to bed tonight knowing that I keep my commitments, and knowing that some day soon, our “piddly little radio show” will eclipse these corporate-owned, homogenized cookie-cutter shows. We will grow because we will ask the questions others will shy away from, we will speak truth without fear of offending, and we will never leave people hanging. We won’t blow people off, and some day, when our show is the king of them all, if a guest has a prior commitment, and we come along, we will insist that guest honor their commitment to the little guy, because that is the consistently honorable thing to do, and because I will remember this day, and how it felt to be blown off because of the cut-throat tactics of those oh-so-virtuous choir boys named Beck and Hannity.


Cliven Bundy and Jim Garrow: Monday’s show is a huge one

OK, friends, we have just a few hours before showtime, and my guests today will be Cliven Bundy and Dr. Jim Garrow.

We’ll get updates on the situation on the ground by going directly to the source: Cliven Bundy will tell us what has happened since the feds began withdrawing from the are. But there have been numerous eyewitness reports of more law enforcement presence at the ranch, including a police “Command Center vehicle, a very large bus(paddy wagon) followed by two vans with “DETENTION” on the sides.Paddywagon

We’re going to ask the questions, and Cliven will tell us what he can. Dr. Garrow meanwhile helps fill us in on the details of some of the patriots who were dispatched to Nevada to even up the odds.

We are devoted to truth here. The mainstream media will not tell the whole story. We will.

Tune it at 3PM Eastern/2PM Central/1PM Mountain/Noon Pacific.


Building something special, brick-by-brick. The week that was.

Friends, it was quite a week here at The JJ McCartney Show. JMAN-in-studio2

We started off with a BANG with Dr. Jim Garrow, sharing with us the latest from his perch looking at the many news items and how the federal government continues to feed propaganda through the corporate media thinking that Americans are still buying any of it. Of course, we know better, and I can only pray that more and more working-class Americans recognize the odor of the cooked numbers about the jobless rate, as well as inflation, all while watching their stocks fizzle, and more Americans are now instinctively sensing that all is not well with the U.S. Dollar on the world markets.

Free advice for any of you who may be on the fence: Best to invest your money  in tangible commodities, gold, silver, non-perishable food, practical things like medicine and other supplies which you think you might need if you were planning a very very long experiment where you suddenly have no electricity or working utilities.

Tuesday we visited with Dr. Mark Davis, and his Brooklyn roots give him a special license to be brutally honest about Barack Obama’s attempted hostile takeover of these United States! Dr. Davis delivers hard-hitting truthful commentary, and his experience as a medical doctor and an entrepreneur and author give him perspective which can be very enriching.

Wednesday we visited with Joe Wurzelbacher(You know, Joe, the Plumber??). Joe is a great patriot, and he’s been active helping Tea Parties and speaking out for the working people of America who are being taxed so much by the deficit-addicted government.

Thursday we welcomed back Dane Wigington of, to talk about the ways the world elite are spraying chemicals and elements in the upper atmosphere which are doing permanent damage to the delicate balance of nature.

We also spoke about the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. That conversation carried over into Friday, as we were joined by Michael Evans of A truly great visit with one of America’s deep-thinking conservative constitutionalists, and a good friend of ours.

And then the weekend arrived, and a very apt message from my big brother, Pastor Bill Jones. A great message, and we hope and pray that people will be touched by Bill’s passion for the Lord, and his unique teaching style of preaching.

We’ve also begun running best-of shows immediately following Pastor Bill’s Saturday Sermon.  As the weeks go by, we will be adding more shows, including a great oldies music show called “The Class Reunion”. And we’re just getting started!

And beyond the busy week we had on the air, we also visited with my sister and her husband from Alaska, and physically, I was able to make some progress, as I have been off of any antibiotics for an entire week, and God has been hearing your prayers, as I am feeling a bit more like myself each day.

I may have cancer, but cancer does not have me. I covet your prayers, and I ask that you pray not only for my health, but for the health of our family, and also pray for financial help. We are looking for a few good sponsors for the radio show, if only to help us cover the costs of the show and it’s production. It’s been very lean these past 8 months, and we are walking by faith. If you should know of someone who is interested in becoming a sponsor, please direct them to me. And if you feel led, please use the PayPal “donate” button, and help us defray the costs of the show.

Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, please have a safe and happy rest of your weekend, may God bless you all!

JJ, Susan and the dogs

Saturday Sermon with Pastor Bill Jones: The LIFE and the Empty Tomb!

Our message today speaks of how God truly condescended. as He took the form of a man, in the flesh. The scripture says that the Word became flesh in the very real person of Jesus. Hosanna! Hosanna means literally “To SAVE!!”

Pastor Bill Jones has been preaching teaching, ministering and evangelizing in Alaska and California and Colorado for nearly 4 decades. He has never-ending zeal for the gospel,

Pastor Bill Jones

Pastor Bill explains the significance of the empty tomb, and explains why, and for whom the stone was rolled away.

As we approach the holy week leading up to Good Friday/Passover and Resurrection Sunday, this message is a true testament to the resurrection and it’s power over death.

Our radio ministry is an effort to share the gospel with those who are hurting, in despair, alone, searching for answers in a lost and crazy world. If you’ve never made a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, our prayer is that you will respond to the call, and invite Jesus to enter your heart. Tell Jesus that you know you are a sinner and need to be saved, and you need forgiveness of your sin. Ask him to cleanse you of your sin through his blood, spilled on Calvary 2000 years ago.

And after you have asked forgiveness of your sin, you must ask Jesus to help you to repent of your sin. You must not be deceived:  Repentance is an instruction Jesus gives to each of us.

When you say that prayer, you will not be praying to a statue, you will not be praying to a memory, a mystic theory or an empty room. You will be praying to Jesus, who is living even now in the same fleshly body he lived in for his 33 years on this earth, the very same body which was beaten, bruised, pierced for our transgressions, and the same body that died on that cross. That very same body arose on the third day, and it is now glorified, just as our own bodies will soon be!

Jesus is alive in the flesh. He loves you, beyond your or my ability to comprehend.

And behold, He stands at the door and knocks.

But wait, there’s more!

Recall the prostitute, in John chapter 8, the Pharisees brought to Jesus, and they expected Jesus to pronounce judgment upon her, so they could then stone her.

But instead of condemning the woman(and note they did not drag the MAN who was committing adultery as well!), Jesus began scribbling something in the sand. Then he spoke to the throng of men with stones in their hands, and he said “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”. The accusers were then shamed, dropped their stones and left.

Then Jesus said these words: “Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?”Family_at_the_cross

She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

And so there is instruction in the way Jesus forgave her sin. Not only did he not condemn her, he instructed her to repent.

Thus you can now see how the broken sinner must come to Jesus. Broken in our sin, recognizing that our sin is a separator, which keeps us from knowing our heavenly Father, who loved us to the degree that He spared not His ONLY SON to retrieve you and me from our sin! So we must come with contrite hearts, recognizing that we have sinned, and that we truly regret our sin, and that we want Jesus to save us from the condemnation we deserve.

And we must pay heed to his command: Now go and sin no more. Repentance is evidence that we are new creations when Jesus breathes His spirit into us! We are changed. We are in this world, but we are no longer of this world, and sin will become like a foul taste. Things that once brought pleasure to our flesh will instead strike us as disgusting. And when we deliberately ignore the command to repent, and we indulge our flesh, we learn that the things of flesh do not bring happiness or fulfillment, but sorrow and discord, and sometimes even great suffering, even death.

I pray you will all be blessed by this week’s message.

May God bless you all!