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October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Featured

It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In hour 1 of The JJ McCartney Show we'll speak with Betty, a victim of domestic violence, and her difficult road to protecting herself and her kids from violence and abuse.We'll talk about some of the facts and figures of Domestiv violence, and why we need to shatter the stigma and fears of the victims of domestic violence that somehow "they deserved it".Domestic violence/abuse is never justified. It's never okay. Join us for a moving hour of radio.In hour two, doctor and author Mark Davis joins us. We'll talk election, Trump, and the moral urgency of this particular election.Join us LIVE at 3:05pm ET at or

Monday: JJ demolishes Progressives, Catches up and rocks the Casbah! Featured

 JJ McCartney, the host of The JJ McCartney Show, the CURE for the Common show!!


JJ Rocks the Casbah Twins!!


With all due respect to the Clash, today JJ McCartney is going to ROCK the Casbah(in a manner of speaking) by defining in no uncertain terms how a closeted Gay Muslim president(I'll let you guess which one) has set the table for the Middle East to descend into a land where never-ending war is the norm, and where the sacrifices of all our American troops in liberating Iraq, and getting them on their way to self-governance was betrayed and undermined by two of the biggest losers in the history of world politics.

Loser #1: Barack Hussein Obama, whose foreign policy has become a doctrine of shrinking, fading away into a cloud of limp-wristed cowering, bowing to foreign kings and apologizing to the world for all the great things America has done in her 240 year history.

Loser #2: Hillary Clinton, who, as Secretary of State did not seek to preserve the gains we had made in Iraq, but instead seized the opportunity to crassly profit from the Obama doctrine by pushing to overthrow the Libyan government of Moammar Ghadafi, and to give lucrative deals to her political cronies to turn Libya into a tourist destination for the mega-rich. Then there was Benghazi, which demonstrated for the world to see the callous disregard Hillary and Barack had for the Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who discovered the gun-running operation via which the Obama/Clinton foreign policy machine was trying to sneak arms, munitions and lots of money to AlQaeda rebels in Syria.

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USA Transnational Report: 10-22-2016- Elections really ARE rigged! Featured

USA Transnational Report

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Elections Really are Rigged!
Last Chance to Win
LIVE Saturday (10/22) 8 AM EST!!!

Election and voter fraud are myths?  Who knew?  Despite mounds and decades of evidence to the contrary, the media tell us that Trump is "dangerous" and "undemocratic" for daring to suggest that this election, including the media's coverage of the candidates, is rigged.  We may appropriately quote 1984: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."  Right now they have the control; it's our job to wrest it back from them.

Since the final debate, there's been hardly a mention of 1) The Clinton Foundation - a criminal enterprise 2) Hillary's incitement of violence at Trump's rallies 3) The modern Middle East, half burned down, thanks to Hillary.  And yet we are supposed to believe that it's all Russia's fault...  

America, this is our last chance!

Join us Saturday as we discuss these topics and more...

Topics of Discussion:

  • Election fraud is real and common!
  • Amnesty International appoints MB Communications Director
  • U.S. continues to fund leftist Israeli NGOs
  • Philippine's Duterte announces "separation" from United States
  • Egypt and Russia hold joint military exercises
  • National and International Headlines...

& more . . .

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